Chevy Cruze

eQUEST Chevy Cruze

Reliable, low cost, and partially funded by the United States Tax Payers. [Edit: currently funded by the country of California] The Chevy Cruze isn't the most impressive looking vehicle, nor does it have the most features, but it's simple to drive and it gets the job done. It's one of the most popular cars in America. Like eQUEST, the small sedan has done more for the industry than any other vehicle. While it's not a status symbol, it has taken more people more miles than any other software and is the foundation of the modern industry.


Lotus Elise with a Corvette Engine

Design Builder as Lotus Elise

Sleek design, impressive appearance, and fast! DesignBuilder, like the Lotus Elise will turn some heads, especially when someone finds out it has the engine of an American Muscle car in EnergyPlus! It is recognized internationally as lightweight and fast. The downside is the cost depending on your options and number of licenses. Some say it takes a while to learn how to operate; while others hop in and start burning rubber with reckless results.

EnergyPlus IDF Editor

A Barstool on a Chevy 454 engine

EnergyPlus Engine as a Barstool

EnergyPlus is really just an engine that you can sort of drive with this lightweight skin called the IDF Editor. Like Chevy, it's sponsored by the U.S. Government. If you drive this engine solo, you'll probably end up drinking. The few people who know how to run this at full speed, often give a condescending attitude that, in some places, might get them knocked off their barstool.


Range Rover

IES VE as a Range Rover

Like IES VE, the Range Rover is an All-purpose luxury vehicle with plenty of room for growth and an impressive 3D facade. It's made in Britain and sold all over the world. It is designed to impress and driven by many architects. Naturally, it's a bit more expensive than other cars, but it's versatile and award-winning. You see a lot of them in California. But beware, the drivers sometimes think that their vehicle makes them better than everyone else.


Ford Pinto Wagon

with unlimited Car Phone minutes!

Similar to TRACE 700, these sexy beasts have the beautiful classic look of the late 80's (early 80's?). The Oldsmobile Cutlass station wagon isn't very fast and is a bit clumsy, but it holds a lot of people and can handle most common tasks. While it's running, you can watch a whole movie at the drive-in theater or go grab a hot dog and popcorn. Heck, there have been babies conceived while it's been running. It's easy to operate and you'll find that most users over 50 years old have driven one. The engine is a bit of a black box but like GMC, it has a bit of the US government in it (from the DOE2 engine - like eQUEST). If the operator gets stuck, he or she can simply pull out the carphone and call for help. It costs a lot more than it looks.


Volvo XC90

This Scandinavian all-purpose vehicle can handle all fours seasons - even wicked design conditions. It's a crossover vehicle that operates on a different engine. It has fancy controls and excellent performance, with an emphasis on keeping the operator comfortable. It is no black box! The operator can see the full workings of the engine. Right now, it's much more popular in Europe than the US and Canada. If you see one, beware, it's popular among a younger crowd. Don't make eye contact or you'll be in a drag race before you can say, "Wärmeschutznachweis"


Tesla, Model S

It's sleak, it's sexy, it's fast, and it's just coming into its own. The Brainchild of a few geniuses. The enthusiastic user base is growing and will revolutionize the industry. You can plug various things into it, maybe even your house! It is just starting to go mainstream.

Ladybug Honeybee

Chevy Camaro Autobot


Ladybug via Honey Bee was added by popular demand. It gave me a bit of grief trying to translate it into a car. I previewed it, noticed the open source and highly passionate user base. This software is like the Autobot BumbleBee from Transformers. It can take various forms, implement AI, and is more imaginative than most cars. It currently does not have the loudest voice. The downside is it requires a tremendous amount of effort to create the model, like wrestling a Rhino.