Congratulations to Team ZAAA.

3rd Place - Energy Modeling Olympiad 2019In what was probably the most technical simulation model and went beyond the limitations of EnergyPlus, requiring Grasshopper and Honeybee to simulate solar hot water with movable insulation, we are pleased to award Team ZAAA third place and $500.

Due to the edit in EnergyPlus via Grasshopper and Honeybee, Team ZAAA was unable to show their findings at the event sponsor BuildSimHub's portal.

Team ZAAA showed strong modeling and design skills.

Abstract (provided by Team ZAAA)

The effort for this competition was basically made to overcome heating loads in the building based on the climatic data. Meanwhile we considered other possible energy conservation measures for cooling and lighting, and on the other hand, we thought of water conservation measures like rainwater harvesting and use of renewable energies like PV panels. The main innovative passive design which reduced the heating load to a great deal was introducing a new solar heater combined by a window as part of the roof with a saw-tooth shape. Also, the angle of windows and a specific shading design have reduced both the lighting electricity and cooling energy consumption. Modelling of these strategies all have been done in the EnergyPlus and Grasshopper directly.

See the full Posterboard PDF here: