eQUEST 培训教程

在这个初级到高级的课程中,你会学到如何从一个实际的工程图纸以及实际的CAD 文件中创建一个建筑。

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在这个初级到高级的课程,你会学到如何从一个实际的工程图纸以及CAD 文件中创建一个建筑。课程包括详细3-D建筑模型的分区和建筑壳叠加等高级内容。 然后,我们在详细模式(Detailed Mode)中继续设置几何参数。 该课程也包括很多设置eQUEST的小窍门以便提高建模效率。 本课程提供可实际操作的范例文件,以便您可以在观看完eQUEST高级课程的学习内容后,亲自练习。

Lesson 1: Creating the Building in the DD wizard

第一讲: 在 DD wizard 中建模

  • Setup and tips | 建立模型以及技巧窍门
  • Drawing the building and zones | 绘制建筑外形以及分区
  • Shell Stacking | 建筑壳叠加及围护结构
  • Atrium setup | 中庭设置
  • eQUEST Building Set up | eQUEST建筑建立

Exercise 1 - Your Turn to Draw 练习1: 绘制建筑形态

  • System setup | 建立系统
  • Plant Setup | 建立设备
  • Zoning | 建立分区

Lesson 2: Quicktip Highlight Reel

第二讲: 模拟的提示和技巧窍门

In this lesson, we slow down the pace after the rigorous first lesson, kick back and see various tips and tricks that all eQUEST users need to know.


  • Wizard Comparison | 双向导: SD Wizard 和 DD wizard
  • Differences between SD and DD | SD Wizard 和 DD wizard的应用比较
  • Simulation time tips | 加快模拟速度的技巧
  • Geometry blunders | 几何陷阱
  • eQUEST Hot Water Reset | eQUEST热水温度重置
  • eQUEST Utility Rates | eQUEST计费费用设置

Lesson 3: Detailed Mode

第三讲: 详细模式Detailed Mode

In this lesson, we jump into the ever so intimidating detailed mode - and we kick it’s ass. We cover some things that could be created in the wizard, but instead create them in detailed mode, so that you will better understand eQUEST better

细模式detailed mode-让我们轻松搞定它。这一讲包括一些可以在wizard向导中建立的参数,而这里我们在detailed mode中建立它们。


  • Advanced Window placement | 高级窗户设置
  • Roofs and Walls in Detailed mode Detailed Mode |中的屋顶和墙体
  • Utility Rate setup | 计费费用设置
  • Hot Water Reset | 热水温度重置
  • Chilled Water Reset | 冷水温度重置
  • User Defaults | 用户默认
  • Optimum Start | 优化启动设置

Lesson 4: Advanced topics

第四讲: 高级题目

At the end of this eQUEST training, we look over various aspects of eQUEST, and cover advanced concepts that didn’t incorporate directly into the course.


  • Detailed edit Shell Stacking. Creating a roof polygon |
    详细编辑层叠加: 创建屋顶多边形
  • Infiltration customization | 风渗透自定义
  • Hourly Reports | 小时报告
  • Adding Design Days | 添加室外设计参数

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Bob Fassbender
Bob Fassbender

Bob is an Energy Simulation Instructor with real experience. For over 10 years, he has taught and completed energy simulations for companies around the Globe.

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