Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Energy Modeling Olympiad!
Team "Processing your reQUEST"

1st Place - Energy Modeling Olympiad 2019 - $1250

While there were many great models submitted in the Energy modeling Olympiad, one team was the unanimous winner, providing an excellent model and meeting the goal of the model by providing an easy to follow summary for non-energy modelers, but without lacking technical details.

The team performed a design optimization exercise in EnergyPlus. A parallel coordinates analysis was done in order to present the results of multiple simulations in a clear and easy to understand way. The selected envelope design was also evaluated with WUFI software to ensure that moisture would not be a problem over the building's life.

You can explore the file and results at BuildSimHub here. The team has provided an example of a very effective layout.

They also created an interactive visual aide via this weblink to help explain and evaluate individual parametric runs

Their Posterboard PDF provides a very coherent explanation of the model:

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